Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ball Ballin' Preview: Come on Babe, why don't we paint Tinseltown, and all that Jazz

You gotta admit, that's a great title, eh? From one of my favorite shows on broadway. But wait, I thought we're talking about the LA-Utah battle. Isn't broadway actually in the Big Apple? And to make it more interesting in this geographical fiasco, the title of that musical is actually "Chicago".

The Watcha-Balls (The since-were-on-the-theme-I'll-call-these-the-Catherine-Zeta-Jones games)

Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers
The Jazz at times look championship legit. But then they follow those performances with games that look like sh*t. So let's see which one shows up to play against the Mamba in L.A. and just to finish off this rhyme, hey! hey!

Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks
The Dallas signing of Peja Stojakovic, just might be the best thing since the PBJ sandwhich. Well, okay, maybe not. But I still think it's better, than having Sasha Pavlovic as a replacement for Butler. Let's see if the veteran Serbian threepointer can help Dallas pull out a win, against the hungry, young, and surging Clippers lead of course by the monster powerhouse Blake Griffin.

The Tolera-Ball (The since-I-think-she's-less-pretty-this-is-the-Renee-Zellweger game)

Denver Nuggets at Washington Wizards
The Denver fans are currently in limbo. Do they cheer for a guy who's about to go? But until the day that they trade him finally, Carmelo would remain in a Nuggets jersey. And with the way this team has been playing lately, the Wizards might get a beating from the mile-high city.

Bets-Log: 012511

(If you're new to Bets-Log, read this first) 

MEM-TOR: MEM -3.5 (Grizzlies 100-98): L
PHO-PHI: PHO -4.5 (76ers 105-95): L
DET-ORL: ORL -9.5 (Pistons 103-96): L 
CLE-NJN: CLE -2.5 (Nets 103-101): L
WAS-NYK: NYK -4.5 (Knicks 115-106): W
HOU-MIN: HOU -2.5 (Rockets 129-125): W
MIL-CHI: CHI -6.5 (Bulls 92-83): W
OKC-NOH: OKC -2.5 (Hornets 91-89): L
SAC-POR: POR -3.5 (Kings 96-81): L
SAS-GSW: SAS -5.5 (Spurs 113-102): W

TODAY's SCORE: 4-6 <T.T>
OVERALL: 195-178 (52%) <down 1%>

So much for better luck after a week of hiatus >.<

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ball Baller of the Day: Jan. 25. 2011


Dwight Howard
20pts, 16rbds, 1asst, 1stl, 3blks

Kevin Love
24pts, 17rbds, 7assts, 11/11 FT

Amar'e Stoudemire
30pts, 9rbds, 5assts, 1stl, 2blks 
(3 turnovers though, which spelled the difference between him and the winner)

and the winner is...

(drumroll please...)

How the Ball Balls Dropped: A Message from Mr. West

Yo David, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but Tyreke evans had one of the best game winners of all time. One of the best game winners of all time! *shrug*

Thunder (89), Hornets (91)
Durant had his moment of clutchness (if the word exists) during his last game. Now it's David West's turn. West threw up a little up and under fade-away jumper from about 18 in the elbow and got the Hornets their 9th straight victory. And with the caption in the picture above, he also got the Hornets their first encounter with a douche.

Rockets (129), Timberwolves (125)
Well, they didn't disappoint with the scoring, that's for sure. The game was much more lopsided than the final score suggests. 'Sota just didn't have any answer for the Rockets' threebees in this game. The Rox went 14 of 30 from deep. Houson has now won 13 straight games against Minnesota. After the game, Kevin Love was interviewed about his team's struggling defense, which got me a little confused, coz, well, what defense?

Kings (96), Trailblazers (81)
The SacBoys finally got a break. They've lost 7 of their last 8 games, 3 of those coming in overtime, and only one loss came in double figures. This time, they managed to finish things a'ight. They did so mainly coz they limited the Western Conference player of the week LaMarcus Aldridge to a measly nine-point output. Props to Sammy Dalam-bear for that. (I gotta get back to the nicknamin' bonanza)

Ball Ballin' Preview: Momentum

For those who don't recognize this face, it's Mo Pete back in his Hornets days.

Woo! Second day back with the ball ball team, you better steer clear coz' we're pickin' up steam. On second thought, don't! Please stay. Don't go. I'm about to give you the previews for tomorrow. I'mma do this real quick coz I'm running out of time. I'll drop you the low down with just one-lined rhymes.

The Watcha-Ball (The I-almost-forgot-to-make-the-previews game)

Oklahoma City Thunder at New Orleans Hornets
Smokin' hot, the Hornets are such. But can they topple Durantula's newly found clutch?

The Tolera-Balls (The I-gotta-get-RuBio-back-here-soon games)

Houston Rockets at Minnesota Timberwolves
Two teams that play with the fastest pace. Not a bad way to spice up a boring day.

Sacramento Kings at Portland Trailblazers
The Kings are young and the Blazers are banged up. Looks like a good match. You know? Whassup?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bets-Log: 012411

MIA-DEN: MIA -4.5 (Nuggets 130-102): L <I did NOT know LeBron would sit-out this game>
ORL-OKC: OKC -3.5 (Thunder 124-125): L <-_->
WAS-MIN: MIN -3.5 (Timberwolves 109-97): W <Thank you Wizards, for never winning on the road so far, which makes it easier to predict>

OVERALL: 191-172 (53%)
Glad to finally be back. Let's hope the week of rest have washed out my bad luck so far in these spreads.

Ball Baller of the Day: January 24, 2011


Al Harrington
16pts, 5rbds, 4assts, 1stl, 1blk, 7/11 FG

Tyler Hansbrough
27pts, 10rbds, 1assts, 10/17 FG, 7/9 FT

and the winner is...

(drumroll please...)

How the Ball Balls Dropped: An Open Letter to the Denver Nuggets (that includes you Carmelo)

Yes, you. You're Carmelo, and you're still a Denver Nugget.

Pacers (107), Nuggets (121)

Dear Denver Nuggets,

Before LeBron started putting up his MVP numbers, I was actually on the Melo bandwagon since the draft of '03. Even in my NBA Live Dynasties, I always traded for Melo on whatever team I used. And along with Anthony, the whole Nuggets team actually started to grow on me. J.R, K-Mart, Nene, and of course, my current favorite player The Birdman. You were my favorite team, second only to the Kings. I even liked the Iverson trade, coz' A.I. was my fave player back then.

And so this I ask of you, as a fan, as a believer...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ball Ballin' Preview: Back to Regular Programming (Promise!)

After a week of rest and rehabilitation we're finally back in the ball ball nation. I'mma make up for some long lost time, and what better way to start it than some rim rockin' rhymes. And with your friendly neighborhood master ball baller finally back to give you some holla', put mah' name and mah' face up in the jumbo tron, and like what this guy always say, Let's get it on!

The Watcha-Ball (The You-have-nothing-else-to-choose-from game)

Indiana Pacers at Denver Nuggets
Well whaddayaknow, Melo's still in Denver lair, all thanks especially to a certain Russian billionaire. And with this setback Denver is now hard luck, and to put it plainly, they're actually stuck. Coz what the Nets offered in the Melo trade market, is actually the best deal that Denver could get. So the Nuggets would have to decide if they'd take a lesser offer, over seeing Melo walk for nothing next summer. (Notice how I totally ignored the Pacers here. That's how boring they are this year.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Breaking Balls! Melo-Deal is Off!

(I know I'm sick, and I'm not supposed to blog. But this is breaking news!)

Russian billionaire and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov flew in to Jersey to supposedly continue negotiations and personally talk with the All-Star Carmelo Anthony. What he did instead was to call-off the deal.
"I'm not happy with the way ... this deal has gone until now, It has taken too long. It has been played out in public and it certainly has taken a toll on the players and I believe that it has cost us several games. I think management did a great job, but there comes a time when the price is simply too expensive. I'm instructing our team to walk away from the deal."
You heard (read) it folks. Those are the words of Prokhorov. The supposed deal would have sent Carmelo Anthony, along with teammates Chauncey Billups and Shelden Williams to the Nets, for Devin Harris, rookie Derick Favors, Anthony Morrow, Ben Uzoh, Quinton Ross, and Stephen Graham. The deal would have also sent Pistons players Rip Hamilton and injured rookie Terrico White to New Jersey, for Troy Murphy and Johan Petro. Now all those Melo-Drama hoopla seem dead.

Melo's agents have recently talked to the Chicago and New York camp, but no trade seems imminent.

And the saga continues... Demmit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick Balls and Ball-ivia

As I've mentioned in the post before this, yours truly will miss a few games with an illness, and will be day-to-day. Don't worry ballers, x-rays were negative. (?)

Please still do drop by from time to time, as I might (might!) try to recap or preview in the succeeding days.

While waiting for the ball ball action goodies, I decided to leave you guys with some basketball trivia. I might also do this from time to time moving forward. And I formally dub this section...

(get it? basketball + trivia? Bolivia?)
1. Which NBA player is known as "The Worm"?
2. Which NBA star retired for the third time in 1996?

3. Which NBA legend averaged an amazing 48.5 minutes per game (because of overtime), during the 1961-1962 season?

4. What NBA award is also known as the Eddie Gottlieb Throphy?

5. Which NBA star has a first name that translates to "little one"?

See more balls for the answers...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ball Baller of the Day: Jan. 17, 2011


Kobe Bryant
27pts, 9rbds, 5assts, 2stls, 10/13 FT

Eric Gordon
30pts, 2rbds, 6assts, 4stls, 4/7 3PFG

and the winner is...

(drumroll please...)

How the Ball Balls Dropped: The Other L.A. Team just made the L.A. Team the Other L.A. Team

Uh, Baron, I don't think that's how a face-palm works.

Lakers (92), Clippers (99)
Well would you look at that. The Clippers have now beaten the Hornets (back when they were turning heads with the unbeaten start), the Spurs (with the best record in the league), the Heat (snapping their 13 game road streak), and now the back-to-back champs. The Incredible Griff have really taken this team to the HNL (ho' nutha' level). Things got a bit testy in the end though, with the outcome of the game already determined, a shoving match ensued and Blake Griffin, Baron Davis, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest all got ejected.

Nuggets (97), Spurs (110)
The Nuggets came out of the gates hot, but cooled off considerably just after the first quarter. The Spurs now improve to 35-6, and Denver now improves to one more day closer to being Melo-less.

Glad to be back in action after that weekend break. I'll probably do that break again for the rest of the month. Though I hope I could keep this up for the week. I'm currently under the weather, and I feel like bull excrement.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ball Ball Break and some Basketball Wives

Yep, that baby has the right idea.

For those who kinda know this blog already, there should've been a Bets-Log and a Ball Ballin' Preview post here by now. Sorry to say though, I'll be taking the weekend off. Though contrary to popular deduction from the misleading photo, I won't be resting on this break. I just have a lot of activities to attend to. So while I'm away, I'll leave you guys a little "treat" to view on this break.

Enjoy the weekend ballers!

Lala Vasquez aka Mrs. Melo (soon to be Mrs. Brooklyn)

Kim Kardashian aka well, they're not married yet, but she's dating Kris Humphries.

Maria Sharapova aka (soon to be) Mrs. Machine. Wow. These are all Brooklyn bound ladies so far.

Adriana Lima aka Mrs. Jaric, if ever you still remember that dude

Vanessa Bryant aka Mrs. Mamba

and of course,

Eva Longoria aka formerly Mrs. Parker

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ball Baller of the Day: Jan. 14, 2011


JR Smith
28pts, 7rbds, 1asst, 1stl, 8/14 3PFG

Kevin Durant
36pts, 4rbds, 2assts, 1stl, 1blk

Russel Westbrook
32pts, 10rbds, 13assts, 1stl, 2blks

Kevin Love
35pts, 11rbds, 4assts, 5/6 3PFG

and the winner is...

(drumroll please...)

How the Ball Balls Dropped: Melo... still a Nugget

Don't worry Nuggets fans. This hasn't happened yet. YET! At least not until next week according to DA.

Heat (102), Nuggets (130)
So much for bouncing back, the whole Miami team just looked downright disinterested in this game. Lebron may be out, but that's no excuse, considering Dwyane Wade carried a Miami team all by his lonesome self before Bosh and James came to town. Denver just lit it up all night. Makes you wonder how far this team could go in the playoffs if only it isn't on the verge of being dismantled.

Magic (124), Thunder (125)
I see your 30pt game, and I raise it with two 30pt games, and a triple-double to boot. That's what Oklahoma said to Orlando in this game. Dwight monstered his way to 39 pts, but Durant and Westbrook had other ideas. Looks like KD likes the limelight since he hasn't lost in a nationally televised game ever. Hmmm... ambition is abrewing. Would he want to be in a bigger market in the future?

Wizards (97), Timberwolves (109)
Love was his usual loving self getting a 30-10, with 5 threebees for some extra kick. And the Wizards did their usual wizardly way disappearing when it mattered most. They remain the only winless team on the road going 0-19. And Darko scored on a jumpball (for the other team though). I think we just found our new HORSE contestant (if ever they'd still bring that back.)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ball Ballin' Preview: Makin' up for Yesterday

If y'all don't recognize who the hell this is, the old man Howard got a nod from the toy business. I'm just as perplexed as you might be right now, especially since they made it when he was in Nuggets town.

Goin back to the previewin' rock-rhymin act, your's truly's feelin better as a matter of fact. And since RuBio's still out, I'll go ahead lay it down. I hope you'll like tomorrow's games with some ball ball sound.

The Watcha-Ball (The oh-I'm-so-glad-there-were-only-three-to-choose-from game)

Miami Heat at Denver Nuggets
While the Nuggs are still comtemplatin' on the Carmelo switch, Bron just lost to the Griffin, looks like Karma's a B****. Now they look to bounce back in the city a Mile-high, and get win 22 in 24 tries. But that'll be a tall task especially if Bron don't play, coz he just sprained his ankle and is now day-to-day. But what's quite unfair in how this Miami team was made, is even if Bron is out, enter Bosh and Wade.

The Tolera-Ball (The this-one-is-actually-a-must-watch-as-well-but-I-have-to-use-all-three-headings game)

Orlando Magic at Oklahoma City Thunder
After 9 straight W's Stan Van fin'lly lost again, when Superman not surprisingly botched two freethrows in the end. But that's yesterday's game and now they gotta prepare, against the young Thunder crew in Durantula's lair. 

The Forgetta-Ball (The even-if-it-was-the-only-game-today-i'd-still-call-it-a-forgetta-ball game)

Washington Wizards at Minnesota Timberwolves
Two teams that are excitin' but not necessarily good, this'd prolly be an ugly one in all likelihood. Beasley's still questionable after rolling his third ankle, I guess that leaves Love in this (not so) epic battle. Another 30-30 actually makes some sense, especially when your up against the Wizards defense. 

Bets-Log: 011311

(If you're new to Bets-Log, read this first) 

DAL-IND: DAL -3.5 (Pacers 102-89):
ATL-TOR: ATL -4.5 (Hawks 104-101): L <Foiled again!>
CHI-CHA: CHI -6.5 (Bobcats 96-91): L
SAC-BOS: BOS -5.5 (Celtics 119-95): W
MEM-DET: MEM -3.5 (Grizzlies 107-99): W
SAS-MIL: SAS -4.5 (Spurs 91-84): W
ORL-NOH: ORL -3.5 (Hornets 92-89): L <To a friend of mine whom I actually helped make this bet... My bad bro. Hehe. I guess the beer's on me>
OKC-HOU: OKC -3.5 (Thunder 118-112): W 
LAL-GSW: LAL -7.5 (Lakers 115-110): L <Hey! After winning by 55, I thought they'd win by at least 8>
NJN-PHO: PHO -4.5 (Suns 118-109): W
NYK-UTA: UTA -3.5 (Jazz 131-125): W
MIA-LAC: MIA -6.5 (Clippers 111-105): L

TODAY's SCORE: 6-6 <could've been worse>
OVERALL: 190-170 (53%)
Whew. That contraction thing is starting to sound pretty nice. Holdin' your breath for 12 games is damn right tiring.

Ball Baller of the Day: Jan. 13, 2010


Dwyane Wade
31pts, 7rbds, 5assts, 1stl, 3blks

Kobe Bryant
39pts, 6rbds, 4assts, 3stls, 11/11 FT

Shawne Williams
25pts, 2rbds, 1stl, 7/8 3PFG

Dwight Howard
29pts, 20rbds, 1stl, 2blks, 13/19 FG

and the winner is...

(drumroll please...)

How the Ball Balls Dropped: When The Best of the East Met a Beast from the West

Even the three kings couldn't topple this beast. Wouldn't be surprised. Just look at it!  
(I am deeply sorry ballers. What has been seen cannot be unseen)

Heat (105), Clippers (111)
I was excited for this one, coz the two BBT favorites went at it. It was a typical game for Miami, a lot of Big3 and not much else, which in contrast to the Clippers, had a more balanced attack. Nice to see the Great Beard throw one down again. There was a weird sequence in the third though where James and Wade got hurt on the same play. Overall a fun watch though. The Clips made timely shots, and just kept the Heat at bay throughout the game. This officially ends Miami's 13 game road streak. (This is the first of many streaks in this post)

Magic (89), Hornets (92) OT
A string of threes sent this to overtime for the Magic, and they actually had a chance to win this in OT. Down 89-90 with a few ticks left, Dwight Howard was fouled and was awarded two freethrows. Then Stan Van must have gone berserk coz Superman botched both. They still had a last chance to tie it, but Redick's three was all air. This ends Orlando's 9 game win streak (I told you there'd be more streaks)

Knicks (131), Jazz (125)
When four guys on your team scores 20+pts, you'd think you have a balanced attack, right? Well not if the other team had 7 guys in double figures, 6 with 14 or more. That's what happened to the Knicks in this high scoring contest. The Knicks have now lost 5 straight in Utah (This time a streak continues)

Thunder (118), Rockets (112)
The Rockets were without leading scorer Kevin Martin, and were virtually without a center (Yao, Miller and Hayes are injured, and Jordan Hill got ZERO points). Oklahoma snaps their 11 game franchise losing streak in Houston (Another streak! Ha!)

Lakers (115), Warriors (110)
Well, the Warriors weren't Clevelandized, and LA actually trailed for most of the contest. It was basically a Kobe-Monta show, both players scoring almost 40pts each (39 and 38). Kobe got the last laugh though, squeezing out a win for his squad. It was the Lakers' 12th straight victory over Golden State. (Is that a streak I see? Hmmm... Well I be damned! I think it is!)