Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blake Griffin Needs a Nickname!

If you haven't been paying attention, this kid is a beast! We're not even halfway through the season, and already he's amassed the most awesomest highlight dunks of the year. He's been the clearcut choice for ROY so far (sorry John Wall. You still gots the best Dougie though). And so needless to say, this guy needs a nickname! Here are the ones I came up with so far:

Blake "Griffin" Griffin

Not the most imaginative of ideas, but it's up there. Maybe I can even make a cooler photoshopped version with instead of a Griffin having Blake's head, I'd have Blake with Griffin wings. Hmmmm...

Blake "the Drake" Griffin

"Drake" sounds cool, but it's actually the term for a male duck. Not really the way to go.

Blake "the Snake" Griffin

Well, Kobe's already the Mamba, and Blake isn't really smooth and silky like a snake. He's more of a Rhino. Hey!

The "Rhino"

I dunno about you, but the idea of Blake Griffin in a Rhino costume is frickin awesome! Heck, I'd even suggest him to play the part if ever they use the Rhino in the next Spiderman movie.

Note: I did not know that another Clipper Craig Smith was already called "Rhino" before posting this. So mah' bad. Though I still stand by the fact that that nickname would be cooler and better applied to Blake.

Blake Griffin-dor

Okay, okay. Not everyone's a Harry Potter fan. Though had Washington won the draft lottery a year ahead,  he'd be a wizard! But since he's just a normal clipper muggle, maybe...

Blake "Peter" Griffin

Bingo! I think we got it folks! Blake Peter Griffin. Though, that may be his real name. Can anyone confirm?

Well, that's all I got ball ballers. I'm sure you all have better ideas. Chime in your suggestions in the comments and we'll think of something. The "Rhino" is my favorite so far. Otherwise, I'll just continue to call him "Blake Frickin Griffin".


  1. he's a mutant!., ahaha!!.,

  2. Blake "Peter" Griffin = WIN!!

  3. Break Griffin for me is the most suitable nickname for this guy. He can break anything from isolations to double teams. And he surprises a lot of people all the time. Maybe on the future he will also break the clippers record and win a championship for them. Go BREAK Griffin!